The Sniper / The Decorator

by Eiger

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18 July 2013: I thought I'd put the Eiger songs up here since some people still ask if they're available. Please note this CD is still available in physical form from Many thanks to John Banfield for his help is getting these tracks out there and asking us down to Tunbridge Wells to play.

I found this note I wrote in 2007 which I intended to email out to our mailing list but I don't think I ever did. Any financial donations will fund the new band Himself (, so thanks in advance. Ad.


12 July 2007: Having had a week since our final performance to reflect I will attempt to appraise my personal experience of our enterprise over the period from 2002-ish to 6th July 2007 that Eiger was a band.

It would make me feel happy to say that Matt, Jon, Dicko/Ramsey and I were the greatest of friends, who wrote music collectively and enjoyed each other’s company whenever we were together. After all we’re only talking about a little garage band here. But dear listener, it was far more important to me than something social to fill my time or something that happened without making a concerted effort. In fact the opposite is more true and that was in no way to our detriment but rather our greatest glory, if in fact there is any glory to be had whatsoever.

Here’s what I think I learned:
1. The fruits of sharing a thought from one human to another are hard-fought and lengthy and are under-estimated with peril. Avoid illegal hand movements at all costs.
2. What’s fun to play may not actually sound good, and what sounds good might well take four months to learn to do (Handbook to follow).
3. For a band to be nervous about playing anything other than a stirring rendition of their work in a near-ideal acoustic environment to appreciative listeners was often misinterpreted by gig promoters and audiences as self-importance or arrogance. I was always fine with that misconception.
4. Despite all of the above, quite a few people seemed to like us and connect with what we were trying to do, which continues to surprise and please me. I found it hard to accept people’s positive comments and that taught me something.

We were Eiger. You were welcome to us.



released July 1, 2007


tags: rock Belfast


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Eiger Belfast, UK

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